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As the facilitator of technology transfer at 188bet官网Clemson University,we are there to help Clemson faculty,staff,and students move their innovative technologies out of the classroom and into the market.

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In our role as the 188bet官网Clemson University Research Foundation,we work to build relationships with industry  in an effort to encourage research at 188bet官网Clemson University,and contribute meaningful and innovative discoveries to society.

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Spatial Image Digitizer to Improve Agricultural GIS

188bet官网Clemson University researchers have developed a spatial image digitizer (SID) to help farmers with growing crops and increase yields.

Luminescent Carbon Dots for Optical Imaging

Carbon dots brightly fluoresce across the entire visible spectrum and near-IR,making them ideal for serving as fluorescence probes for bioimaging.

Super-Resolution Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging

188bet官网Clemson University researchers have developed a method of super-resolution microscopy that allows for imaging of live samples without causing damage to the c金博宝官网网址ellular architecture.

Multi-layered Osteochondral Implant for Enhanced Bone Healing

188bet官网Clemson University researchers have developed a readily available multilayered osteochondral implant that allows for better integration and mechanical support,decreasing the potential for rejection or revision surgery.

Engineered Aquaculture Ecosystem for Managing Wastewater

Researchers have developed a method for reducing fish waste output using algal growth basins originally developed for wastewater treatment.